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Eli Acevedo

Eli Acevedo is a Business Coach, Educator, Author, Technology Expert, and the CEO and co-founder of AIT Consulting. Also, is the co-creator of the GrowIT Method and GrowIT Academy.

My objective is to equip brilliant individuals and business owners with productivity and sales strategies and tools, to help them successfully manage and organize their time, build strategies, and assist them in concentrating on achieving their personal and professional objectives.

Work with me.

Launch the business that you always wanted, or start that side hustle, get your business in control and prepare for growth!

If you are ready to take a leap of faith, but you still have some reservations, I recommend that you seek assistance. Join one of my coaching programs to receive the blueprint and the actions that have assisted a great number of people in enhancing their lives and realizing the goals they have set for their businesses.

1. Assessment

The first step to any business is understanding where you are. Knowing your current state is important to know where you want to go.

  • What do we know about our clients’ or market needs?
  • Are we serving them what they want?

Knowing where you want to go means knowing what’s on your way.

2. Setting Goals

Having a clear picture and an understanding of your goals is important because it will help us shape and craft the best possible solution to reach your goals. We’ll work with all aspects of the design process so that no stone is left unturned in our search for the ideal goal!
The more specific and clear your goals are, the easier it will be for us to shape them into a personalized plan that suits you.

3. Plan & Strategy

You’re about to embark on a journey to change your business and take it to the next level.
It’s time to stop guessing and take action. You can do this by following the steps in your Plan & Strategy, which will guide you every step of the way!
We’re constantly adjusting our plans based on the feedback and as we learn more about what works and doesn’t work for clients as data comes in. The key has insights to serve them better, leading to higher satisfaction levels!


Being Broke No More

the invisible chain by eli acevedo

The Invisible Chain

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