This is My Story

I believe that is boring reading a lot from a person, besides that is not my style; so, I have put together a few blocks summarizing it and you won’t get bored (I hope). Read the whole thing if you want, if not I’m still okay with that.

What I'm doing today!

This journey was very hard at that time, because I have to deliver a message talking about online education benefits to senior educators who have being threatened that if they don’t jump in they will left out without work. As hard as it was it helps me a lot to understand many challenges, since the physical ability to learn with all their different styles (for “normal people”) and traveling for several countries learning their culture and seeing how they embrace or reject technology was astonishing.

Then we have engaged with technology, education and marketing after that we have seen a globalized environment and many clients want to sell their products and services in the us market they have started and they clientele requires them to be present with an store in the US, then to offer the service myself I have to get my company first in the US to help them to establish all the process and open their firms and be able to make business legally in the States and once in the states we have to learn all about immigration and treaty’s to guide our clients to meet USCIS standards and have them grant their Investors Visa E1/E2.

After all this years of hard know and constant learning, I can tell humbly that I’m here to help people to reach their goals, grow their business and share my knowledge in the process not holding back any tip towards your success.

The growing process

This particular aspect was growing as we increase our customers, then we have identified that those clients didn’t have the knowledge as well to use properly hardware and software, and I always like to share my knowledge and basically, we have opened educational division teaching computer foundations and how to use software solutions that we sell plus the hot topic of Internet Browsing and Internet search.

As we were expanding our business technology and education became a hot topic, at that time many teachers and professors refuse to adapt technology to their teaching, besides will free them up of many manually activities, but Institutions understood that all will be pointing that direction and need it to act to stay sharp and put.

Later, I have the opportunity to lead an International Organization called Virtual Educa in my home country Colombia, which is an initiative started in 2001 with OAS (Organization of American States) support to promote innovation in education to facilitate social transformation and sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

International Experience

This journey led us (me and my wife), to travel and meet wonderful people fully loaded of experiences, we visited Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico City and Guadalajara. Took us also to Europe we have visited Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona.
Then seeking for technology for education we have traveled to London and experience the BETT event, we were invited by the UK Government. And last and no least we have ended up traveling to China, meeting manufacturers and factories we have met 4 outstanding and rich cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou and Shenzhen) and it was a really great and fun experience.

Having the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and sectors linked to business, technology and education opened our mind to a globalized education and realizing that besides the cultural and language barriers, it all comes up to our humanity and how we overcome our difficulties, in matter of learning.

The Conclusion

Sharing with global educators became a challenge because all of them have a strong background about learning methods, theories and way more and since my background was technical, I got the urge to upgrade my skills in order to be able to deliver my message. Also had the opportunity to share amazing stories.

Once that me and my wife became certified eLearning consultants (the hardest 8 months of my life) finally I was able to fully understand their positions, being an educator is not an 8 to 5 job, it’s more than a life style and you do as much as you can.

Finally, all my need sell-able skill-sets were complete, (well that is what I’ve thought at that moment), it was easier understand business and people needs, if you mind caring about the people who works for you, they will help you to create great products that they will feel proud, because they are connected with you and your vision.

Working with people in several markets such as Medical Services, Education, Transportation, Tourism, Pawnshop industries, Medical Equipment, TV Producers, Retail, Government, Telecommunications, Software and Non-Profits help me to become a better person, consultant and coach serving these markets.

My life in photos (Food, Traveling, Spiritual and Relaxed)

Photo Gallery

You can see a few photo boards of my traveling experiences, if you want to see the full gallery click on the Pinterest icon and you will be able to see all of them.

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My Current Projects

AIT Consulting

It’s an Inbound Digital Marketing Agency and it served Startups, small and medium businesses in Latin America and the United States to plan, design, implement and optimize digital strategies that attract people, generating more leads to increase sale and help your business in the path of growth.

We help American companies to reach Latin American markets promoting International Trade and taking benefit from Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with this fast growing consumer segment.

Alianza de las Américas

It’s a Community that help business owners and investors to fulfill their financial goals in the United States and live with their families while doing business.

It promotes trades between the Americas and the process guide them to open a business in Texas. There are 4 lines of operation which are Real State, Franchising, Import/Export and Investors Visa.

ACSI Homes

Our mission is helping people to turn a house into their dream home, while using green solutions. We create a eco plan for you and your home base on your needs, from insulation and home appliances.

We have international experience and our design team will guide you to your future dream home.