Books by Eliecer (Eli) Acevedo

I have never considered writing books to be one of the chapters of my life, but now I think that is more than necessary, and the reason is that it allows me to share my message with more people.
I had never imagined how hard it was because there were many challenges when I decided to jump on this indy race of book writing.

These two books are inspired by all our clients and business experience over the years. We have found tremendous and talented individuals who can change their reality, but they lack the confidence to take the solopreneur or entrepreneur leap of faith.

I have also created courses and coaching programs because I have found myself in the same situation after reading a great book. I am so motivated that I want to get started right away, and there is no path to follow. My intention with my books is to help you ignite the spark, and if you can do it by yourself, please go ahead and do so. But, if for some reason you need help, you are covered, my friend.

If you want to create a Digital Product like this one, I can help you too. I have developed a method with all the steps required to write your first book. If you think that this is way too complicated and don’t have the time, there are several roads to take. Mostly everything starts with your motivation and willingness to commit and make it a reality. That is why I have created my process because I have faced several issues, have lost money, and many more adventures. Another aspect is that once you start your book journey, you also need help promoting it and, of course, selling it, and you will find all that on my Book Writing WorkShop. Please make sure to check the workshop’s calendars and availability.


By Eliecer (Eli) Acevedo

Being Broke No More

Overcome the rat race and establish abundant living.

Being Broke No More will present you with a road map to help you find out if you are in the rat race and the tools required to get out. You can do this by creating a side hustle or a passive income business. Because we all need tools to get going, I have also included a marketing plan and why you needed; tips on building your list of contacts and getting your numbers in order.

You can design the life you want to live, but to achieve it, you need to create a plan, make your resolutions, and commit to success. You are the only one responsible for your future and happiness.
The question is, what are you waiting for?


By Eliecer (Eli) Acevedo

The Invisible Chain

What is holding your business or yourself to reach your destined glory?

The Invisible Chain is a by-product of my first book, Being Broke No More, because when I was writing about mindset there, it was a lot to talk about. Things like being afraid of taking risks, fear to start a side hustle, and many more hold you back to set and pursue goals.

But, the good news is if you want to change, you can use fear as a motivator, not to a show stopper; the key is to learn how to deal with your objections and limiting beliefs.
I love working with logic while helping people, and by creating strategies, you can overcome them. You need a system to deal with your wrong thoughts or beliefs, and then you can fight back.

After writing this book, I thought you should read this book in the first place because you can start designing the kind of life you want to live when you have a sense of purpose.
Well, if you have visited this page and reached this section, that means that you need to get started, don’t lose momentum, and get going.