A letter for my readers

A few years ago, I decided to jump on the book writing wagon without knowing what I was getting myself into it. The main reason for this decision was because we were working on creating online courses. In the past, I was giving computer classes to my clients and later on with some engineering students at a local University in Barranquilla, Colombia.

When working with people, I always shared my profound love for computers, and my effort ensured that people stop being afraid of using a computer and take advantage of it and improve their lives.

As I gain more and more experience working with multiple intelligences, I had to adjust the message I wanted to share, to be able to make all audiences understand technical terms and functionality, because at that time computer knowledge wasn’t that open to the public.

My first book was in Spanish,  my mother language, and it took me about a year to write not because I needed to research and investigate about the subject, just were time for indecisions and insecurities about “what if,” “what people will say” and things like that, until finally decided to launch it, the book was excellent and many people like and instead of monetizing it I give it away because it was a great resource to learn from.


Over the years, I have combined my passion for sharing computer knowledge with many people, and people tell me I’m an excellent communicator, which makes me feel secure about what I know and make others understand what I need to share.

When finally I decided to write my first book in English, “Being Broke No More. Overcome the rat race and establish abundant living.” I intended to help people with the decision to choose to have an abundant life by sharing strategies to get extra income or build a business.

I ask my friend Steve Moore (R.I.P) an attorney at law with an English major, to look at my manuscript which I have already cleaned up and made some adjustments, he said not a problem send it over and I’ll take a look and give you feedback.

A few days passed and finally, I got on the phone with, and I have asked him, What do you think about my book? And he replied: “It’s horrible.” I wasn’t expecting a response of that kind, but he just turned the conversation quickly to another topic.

After that devastating phone call for my first book, I have looked for alternatives, didn’t want to accept the diagnostic from my friend, and I have shared the manuscript with other people. Their response was quite the opposite; they loved it and even asked me to write the Spanish version of it.

While I was seeking book approval to move on with my book, I have the opportunity to meet a San Antonian person named Jesus Ramirez (R.I.P), and we had a conversation about book writing, he had already made a publication, and he shared his experience. Still, mostly, he presented me reasons that I have not considering at the time to write a book, and the main lesson that I took for my life it was to leave a legacy for my children in terms of a written piece that will last more than my presence on earth.

After that meeting, he fueled my spirit with rocket fuel. Since that point, I have lowered my expectations about the materials I’ll write today and in the future and combined all my skills to deliver a story about a specific topic.

It’s not the same having a person face-to-face sharing knowledge and wisdom because you lack the whole experience, how the person manages itself, what movements, signs, and actions it makes with their hands, face, eyes, and the environment.

And I do the same; I usually know what message I want to deliver to my offsprings, son’s friend, a company member, a partner, a client, a friend, an investor, and whoever I need to communicate with.
My messages come together impregnated with my personality; they are not just words or a subject of study; they are a combination of facts, analysis, and resolutions in the same way you meet with someone.

Unfortunately, book writing had some rules from those who got experience, and you are a sinner when you try to change these ways. After refueling my book writing willingness, I got in contact with an editor, and I have presented to him my manuscript.

We came to an agreement, and he started to work on my book. It took him a couple of days to review my material and share his first impressions.
We worked for about three months, and our advancement was minimum; We spent lots of time discussing sentences, and we haven’t even get started with the content itself, which was frustrating for me. When we were almost finished with the introduction, I was getting the feeling that this book wasn’t mine anymore was the editor’s book.

What I didn’t know was that my editor was rewriting my book, the reason why we weren’t moving faster, and I was getting frustrated about my communication and writing skills.

Right after that, I recalled my friend Dulce Sanchez who owns a language center “Top Bilingual,” teaching four languages by sharing a self-develop method based on language comparison and the time that we spent teaching Spanish to American native speaker officials, and I have talked to her about my book. If she could work with me and she agreed.

My first book got all the eyes and reviews required as a regular book, but as I have writing more books and reading other people’s work, I came to the following conclusion.

My books are not subjects to study; I don’t teach math or science facts, what I do is write materials to help people improve their lives, and they will have my personality and how I express myself.
They result from traveling and living in different parts of the world, meeting all kinds of people around the globe, from presidents, high-level politicians, ambassadors, public officers, Ph.D. doctors, educators, and prominent people like you and me.

All other new books will have the mandatory grammar check and revision because my books will be conversations about how you can overcome your fears, be more organized with your time, become a better person, achieve your goals, and many other topics. I wanted you to see who I am before you read any of my books, so you can picture yourself sitting with me in a library or in a place where you feel yourself comfortable to have a conversation.

Then if you want to go deeper after the written dialogue that we just had when you have finished your book, you could get access to the free resources that I wanted to share to take our conversation to the next level. If you want to go the extra mile, you are welcome to take one of our premium courses.

Thank you for your time, and I hope we can connect quite soon.

Best regards,

Eli Acevedo

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