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Turning ideas into real businesses!

Turn your passion in a business!

Take control of your life

Time Management & Business Launch

Turning ideas into real businesses!

Take control of your life

Turn your passion in a business!

Time Management & Business Launch

Turning ideas into real businesses!

More than 18 years of International Technology Business Experience

I got the experience that you need, let's work together!

About Me

Eli Acevedo is an IT Professional with over 20 years of experience, he started his journey in Colombia and has worked with several countries in South America, Central America, North America, Asia and Europe. During this season he has helped several entrepreneurs, business owners and investors in developing their projects or ideas and turn them into a reality.

His primary company is an Inbound Marketing Digital Agency named “AIT Consulting” in San Antonio, Texas. Serving international investors who want to open their business in the United States and manage their investments.

Areas of Work

Most businesses requires sales, and with all that said you will see at least 5 of the areas at your right, if you plan to start a business and you have not considered doing it online, you should right now, a business that is not online might be losing tons of money, because it can’t reach online users.
  • eCommerce 90% 90%
  • IT & Business Continuity 85% 85%
  • Website Development 80% 80%
  • CRM Solutions 75% 75%
  • Website Automations 65% 65%
  • eLearning 50% 50%


Here is what people are saying:

I reach out to Eli with specific areas of my work related to the non profit educational platform that I want to improve. I am lucky to find a great mentor. Mahwish Yousaf

He listened to me, came up with ideas and new ways of looking at the issues for my business, and helped me make rapid, measurable, positive changes.

Looking forward to a life long work relationship. Thank you Eli Juan Ortega

I was looking for a Website for my house cleaning business and he tooked to another level.

Right now my business and myself have changed for good. Thank you Eli Amparo Hernandez

I came to Eli by reading his advice to another entreprenuer on social media. I was impressed with how he articulated his thoughts, and provided a clear solution to the problem. Alejandro Galiano

Blog Posts & Tweets

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Knowing The Facts About An Affiliate Program

One of the great things about affiliate programs is that there is absolutely no sales experience necessary. In addition the merchant normally provides you with the marketing material needed for the product such as a range of image banners, text links and...

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