Being Broke No More Book


Book excerpt:

When I decided to write this book, I intended to have a conversation with the reader about why they are not working on their dreams, stuck in a job that pays the bills, and ultimately not feeling fulfilled with their lives.

This conversation starts with an initial assessment because that is the most common path to understanding why people want to change because they are aware of the problem, but no action or commitment is taken.

I also understand that most people might choose the minor effort route, but how about having an additional 50% of your current income will sound to you?

Many people, including myself, don’t dream of appearing at Fortune 50 magazines showcasing the millions we have made. Our dream is to have more than enough working honestly and having time to spend with our loved ones, support our family, and build stability if some life eventuality arises.
We have heard about the Rat Race, which is only for people and their jobs. But, let me tell you that it also includes entrepreneurs and business owners.

Well, all that is in this book, and I have also included a marketing plan and 30-strategies to build your list so you can get out of the race and transform your life in six months. Pretty cool, don’t you think!

I also wanted to do something extra, because from my personal experience reading transformational books is great. However, you are excited and motivated when you are finished, but you lack the tools to get going. This is why I have included a resource section to help you in your transformation path. And for those who really want to kill it, there is an online course that will help you get where you want to go.

Your feedback and support are great for spreading the word, and there are many people in need of this message, maybe not you but someone that you know I’m sure will make the difference. Please help me spread this message!