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Business coaching is a process that helps business owners achieve their goals.

In most cases, our clients look to consolidate, grow, or expand their businesses, boost profits, improve employee performance, or manage difficulties such as high worker turnover, low morale, and burnout among employees. Business coaching supports businesses of all sizes in generating answers, plans, and action steps for achieving their objectives.

Business Coaching Eli Acevedo

Let’s get started

If you’ve gotten this far, it means that you are aware of the true benefit of coaching, which is the opportunity to do what you love while having a greater impact on the world.

Why do you need a Business Coach

As a business owner, you set goals and objectives and put in the work to achieve them. But sometimes, knowing where to start or what direction to take isn’t easy. That’s where business coaching need comes in.

On many occasions, having an additional set of eyes with a broader vision may help get your business on the right path. Also, we have seen business owners stuck in their company roles and micromanaging partners and staff members due to a lack of confidence, creating burnout for themselves and making the business run halfway.

Benefits :

  • Designing a clear vision for your business
  • Identifying and determining your goals and objectives
  • Create and Develop strategies for reaching your goals
  • Implement systems and processes to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Improving communication and teamwork
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Achieving work/life balance
Is Business Coaching for Me or My Business?

High-performance executives do it because it is a method of helping company owners achieve their purposes that works for firms of all sizes.
We provide three levels of service to assist businesses in achieving success.
There are also eye-opening anecdotes of business coaches whose primary line of service is selling business theory but lacking in real-world experience, and they are unable to lead by example due to their lack of real-world experience.

1:1 Coaching

The highest level of ongoing support to help you start and finish strong!

This is a highly customized process based on your specific needs and desires.

The power of private coaching, coupled with accountability and support, is massive in getting you where you need to be in a fraction of the time.

Just imagine that it would be possible for you to work with a coach to stretch you, support you, regain focus, keep you in the loop, maybe kick your ass from time to time, and collaborate with you to transform your business and lifestyle.

  • One 1-Hour deep dive into your business and goals
  • 23 weekly – 30-minute video calls over six months
  • A clear plan of what we will cover based on your specific business and needs
  • Specific and actionable tasks to be completed weekly
  • Clearly identify the money-making activities to focus on
  • Create systems to become organized and leverage your time
  • Design a business that is in line with your values
  • Uncover a whole new level of success
  • Identify lead pillars to strengthen and grow your business
  • Discover how to get to a whole new income level while not sacrificing your time and freedom
  • Accountability – even this small piece of the process causes massive transformation. Having someone completely committed to your success and uninterested in your excuses can catapult you forward
  • Identify and transform limiting beliefs.
  • Uncover blind spots
  • A clear road map to success
  • A committed coach fully invested in seeing you succeed.
Why six months?

It’s a focused chunk of time. It lets you get clear on what needs to happen and take action. Often if the time allowed is too large (let’s say a year), we get distracted or think we have more time to push off things we’re avoiding. This lets us get right into it and get results with no time to lose!
It also allows life to happen, like summer vacations, holidays, etc. The goal is never to be pushing hard ALL THE TIME. When you’re ready, come on back for more.

WHAT results can I expect?

Coaching, like most things, gives you what you put into it. The results can be outrageous if you come to our calls prepared, open-minded, and ready for change. Be sure to check out the testimonials page to get a quick snapshot of some social proof and actual results my clients have achieved in our time together. If you come to the calls not ready to make any changes, committed to your old ways, and convinced nothing would work…guess what… that’s likely what you’ll get. But I know you’re smarter than that. I know you believe deep down that you are meant for way more. That’s what we’ll step into on our calls.

What happens after purchase?

After you have purchased the 1:1 coaching plan, I will reach out with a welcome email. This will have some homework for you to complete before our first call, our call time, instructions on setting up our video conference platform, and more.


Business Coaching

These are the most common questions:

How do I know if my company or I can collaborate with you?

If I believe I can provide you with the best solution to your problems, I am willing to consider collaborating. I’ll let you know if I don’t think that’s the case, which is why filling out the Discovery call format is a top priority.
My primary area of expertise is Strategic Planning, Idea Development, Project Organizer, and Business Analysis, and approximately 90% of my clients are in that field; the remainder is other creatives, particularly writers and artists.

So many coaches and people claim to have THE method to help me grow my business; what makes you different? What is YOUR method?

To begin with, it is critical to distinguish between someone who has discovered a method that works for them (often promoted as THE best/only method) and someone who is a trained coach.
The advantage is that you have both coach and a consultant. I am a skilled and knowledgeable coach/consultant who does not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

Yes, I have a lot of business experience that I am happy to share with you, but I believe in best practices and individualized solutions rather than a single method that applies to everyone.
When we work together, I help YOU become empowered as a business owner so that you can achieve your goals with clarity, confidence, and skills.

While I will be there to guide, encourage, and support you (among other things), I do not want you to rely on “my method” as the key to your success.

YOU are in charge of your own success.

What kind of outcomes can I anticipate?

This is another example of what you put into it, being what you get out of it, as well as a willingness to work beyond the surface level. In my experience, we all have patterns and behaviors that aren’t serving our highest goals (e.g., procrastination, micromanagement, perfectionism).
Most people do not consciously seek coaching to change their patterns; in fact, many are unaware of their patterns. However, business success will be elusive or fleeting unless those habitual patterns are addressed.

The best results are obtained when you are willing to examine your mindset and invest the time and energy necessary to eliminate any sabotaging habits. In these cases, I’ve seen tremendous professional and personal growth and a greater sense of ease and empowerment. I’ve seen people transform from technophobes to creators of online courses, from hating their jobs to becoming their own boss, from struggling to make ends meet to relaxing into abundance.

The good news is that if you’ve made it this far in reading about coaching, there is already something inside of you that is ready and willing to make the necessary mindset shifts, even if you don’t know it yet!

How do I plan our meetings? What about support in between sessions?

We will agree on a mutually convenient meeting time as “your” dedicated time slot. During the intake process, you will be guided to select the method that works best for you. We can always reschedule a session if either of us needs to due to illness, travel, etc. Assume you need to contact me between sessions for “just in time” assistance. In that case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via email or phone during regular business hours. I usually respond within one business day. Support between our sessions if you need materials to review, depending on how much you need to review. In that case, the turnaround time is usually one week.

Is this pricey? How do I know it'll be worthwhile?

If you’ve gotten this far, it means that you are aware of the true benefit of coaching, which is the opportunity to do what you love while having a greater impact on the world. You probably also understand or have firsthand experience with the frustrations of being trapped, and you’re eager to halt the pattern of exerting significant effort in vain. It will take commitment to implement the changes you genuinely wish to make. You’re going to have to make a commitment that is probably different from anything you’ve ever done before.
By making a significant financial commitment, you are saying that you are ALL IN and prepared to immediately devote the time, effort, and money necessary to expand your business. You must be willing and ready to show up and put in the hard work, even if I have the expertise, knowledge, and resources to guide you. This effort is an investment because of this. I want you to be willing to meet me halfway, not just because I’m giving you so much of my time, energy, attention, and knowledge. I want you to be eager to jump in and start doing something. If you determine it will be worthwhile, it will be worthwhile. I promise.