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One of the hardest and sometimes complex things to write is when it’s time to talk about yourself because you are not your degree or profession. And that puts you in a vulnerable position that, in my case, as an Information Technology Professional, we see as a liability because we are used to working behind the scenes and avoiding exposure.

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I’m a well-seasoned Information Technology expert with over 20+ years in the computer industry, information security, enterprise solutions, learning, and server technologies. I’m a very disciplined person who loves sports and working out. During my early years, I had the opportunity to practice several sports. I always loved to stay fit, running early in the morning, heading to the gym, riding my mountain bike, or simply working out whenever I was.

I love helping people and having the satisfaction of seeing them go from point A to point B. And placing their ideas into crystal clear business that can render financial freedom. I guide entrepreneurs and teach them how to use technology to generate control and peace of mind. Also, how to balance their work/family experience with time management and focus strategies. Plus, sales and persuasion techniques.

I’m a living example of discipline, consistency, self-control, and motivation because it reflects everything I do. I love waking up every day at 5:00 am and dedicating that first hour of the day to myself and my projects.
I have achieved a lot by dedicating only 25-minutes per day to reading and writing since I started tracking my reading habit using the Apple Books app. My reading streak of 905 days, 69 books, and counting until today. There is no speed reading race; I just enjoy what the author wants to share and look for ways to apply them to my life.

My 25-minute writing is producing two books that are under copywriting and proofreading. It will launch soon “Being Broke No More” and “The Invisible Chain.” There is a third one, cooking. I don’t have the name yet, but it will talk about how to create a Digital Business Plan to guide digital entrepreneurs to navigate all these online platforms and give it shape and structure like any business.

We have a unique and valuable asset, and it’s called time. When you learn to use it to your benefit the most, you will have time to do everything you want. Such as spending time with your family, having the funds needed to travel, and doing what you want without waiting for a pension when you don’t have the energy. It never crossed my mind to retire because I have discovered that my journey is a long-life learning process. The more I learn, the more I realize that I don’t know many things, which helped me stay humble and accept any incoming learning opportunity.

Professional achievements

  • Attain my dream job at IBM and be promoted to be part of the HEAT Team “High Enterprise Accuracy Team,” handling penalty accounts with a 2-hour response
  • Sell an Educational Business for 7 million in 2010
  • Bring a European Entity to promote e-learning called Virtual Educa, which opened a branch in Colombia, my home country
  • Represent my home country Colombia on BETT by providing technology and education solutions
  • Become an international speaker at Virtual Educa Argentina with subjects about Education in Virtual Environments and immersive learning
  • Have satisfied clients with over 12+ years of business relationships
  • Run a Digital Marketing agency in three countries
  • Have a Business Consultancy Company
  • Co-own a media platform for Nurses in Texas
  • Co-own a Healthcare software company
  • Run my own Online Academy
  • Promote and sell our frameworks and methodologies through The GrowIT Method
  • Run an online store promoting Colombian Culture
  • Help my kids build their businesses and earn money digitally.
  • A few other partnered endeavors
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